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Welcome to Abia State Polytechnic.Welcome to Abia State Polytechnic....

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S/N Department Name Department Code
School of Business and Management Technology
10 General Studies DT-GEN
11 Marketing DT-MAR
12 Business Administration and Management DT-BAM
13 Business Studies DT-BS
14 Office Management and Technology (SS) DT-OTM
15 Accountancy DT-ACC
16 Banking and Finance DT-BF
17 Public Administration DT-PA
School of Engineering Technology
40 Civil Engineering Technology(ND Only) DT-CIET
41 Mechanical Engineering Technology(ND Only) DT-MET
42 Electrical Electronics Engineering Technology(ND Only) DT-EEET
43 Computer Engineering Technology(ND Only) DT-COET
44 Welding And Fabrication Technology(ND Only) DT-WFT
School of Environmental Design and Technology
18 Estate Management DT-ESM
19 Urban and Regional Planning DT-URP
20 Surveying and Geo-Informatics DT-SGEO
21 Architecture DT-ACH
22 Quantity Surveying DT-QS
23 Building Technology DT-BT
School of Food Science and Technology
45 Food Science and Technology (ND Only) DT-FDT
School of General Studies and Continuing Education
24 Pre-ND General Studies DT-GNS
25 Pre-ND Financial Studies DT-PND-FS
26 Pre-ND Business Studies DT-PND-BS
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
46 Hospitality and Tourism Management (ND Only) DT-HTM
School of Science and Engineering Technology
27 Computer Science DT-COM
28 Statistics DT-STA
29 Science Laboratory Technology DT-SLT
30 Pre Science DT-PSC
31 Chemistry/Biochemistry DT-CB
32 Biology/Microbiology DT-BM
33 Physics With Electronics DT-PE
School of Science and Industrial Technology
34 Computer Science. DT-CS
35 Statistics. DT-ST
36 Science laboratory technology. DT-SLT
37 Biology/Microbiology(HND Only) DT-BMC
38 Chemistry/Biochemistry (HND Only) DT-CB
39 Physics with Electronics (HND Only) DT-PE
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